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董怡芬 Tung, I-Fen/Lecturer


Born in Tainan, Taiwan, Tung I-Fen is a choreographer, performer, educator and curator. Tung works in various contexts, including dance, theater, film, contemporary music and technical art, among others, while laying her artistic practices in the agency and intersections of humanity, society and nature. Tung has been an artist-in- residence at Cite Internationale des Arts in Paris, Colorado College and George Washington University in the USA. From 2020, Tung started to curate the program and host several projects such as Dance Park platform for freelance dancers, Unboxing: Live Art Arena for freelance artists, performing art program for Nuit Blanche. Since 2006, her works have been presented in London and Paris, as well as in Spain, the USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, and India. Tung also participated in several interdisciplinary productions, such as Dear John which won the performing award of 12th Taishin Arts Award. And also present several participatory performance works produced by Anarchy Dance Theatre since 2016. She is currently a full-time lecturer at the University of Taipei.

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