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Characteristics of Department

The curriculum is aligned with the educational goals of the department, which emphasizes diversified development. The connotation of education also aligns with the current market of employment, the trend of this era, and even the international need. The university program is divided into two major categories: "Dance Education" and "Performing Arts", obtaining degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts with 128 credits completed. The Master Degree program is divided into "Educational Theory Group" and "Performing Creative Group", obtaining degree of Master of Fine Art with 32 credits and thesis or project completed.

The feature of course are as follows:

1.Practice and teaching convergence, graduation = employment

The practice of theory is emphasized in order to provide students with cooperation in teaching and learning, production and cooperation, community service, teaching practice, performing practice and international performance etc. Develop the practical ability of the workplace, enhance the competitiveness of employment.

2.Develop students’ international perspective

Organize domestic and foreign dance academic seminar and activities to improve academic exchange. Lead students to participate in the International Arts Festival activities to enhance the experience of dance performance art.  In both academic and performing arts, we endeavor in developing students’ international perspective which aligns with the trend in the world.

3.Appropriate classification, refine technical teaching, enhance professional skills and ability

We provide small classes, which divided into ballet, modern and ethnic dance as three different majors. Students can choose their classes according to their own interests to develop their expertise and capabilities.

4.Follow the trend of the world with integration, creative ability

In the context of creative activities, combine the dance arts with various sports; in large-scale activities, the department is as a cooperative unit, students can acquire the ability to create a new page of sports art by participating in the process. As a representative performance team, students participated in the close ceremony performance of World University Games in Gwangju, Korea in 2015, and will participate in the World University Games opening ceremony performance in Taiwan, 2017.

5.Actively expand the dance-oriented opportunities, attention to dance art empirical data provided by the scientific observation.

Cooperate with university personnel from Sports Equipment Institute, Sports Science Research Institute and the Department of sports health & Science to create the students’ personal action files, to provide students the data analysis in all aspects of the body's ability in order to improve the effectiveness of action training. From the performance of psychology, Somatics of dance, dance therapy to dance physiology education, absorb the nutrients of movement science as pioneer of all departments of dance.

6.Deepen the conservation of aesthetics, provide creative nutrients.

From the dance philosophy and aesthetics, Chinese and Western dance topics, independent research, educational theory, art and humanities and other curriculum oriented, deepen the life conservation and speculative ability and convert it into the creative energy of performance.

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