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Master Class

Required Subject

Research Methods

Philosophy and Aesthetics of Dance


Dance form and style

Independent Study

Master’s Thesis

Elective Subject

=Educational Theory Group=


Research on Dance Education

History and Theories of Dance Education

Selected Readings for Dance Literature

Action Research in Dance Education

Research on Dance Curricular Design

Seminar of Dance Pedagogy

Introduction to Somatic Studies

Laban Study

Introduction to Dance Therapy

Seminar of Dance Therapy

Experiential Anatomy

Advanced Qualitative Research

Pilates: Practical Applications

Leisure Damce

Somatic Approaches

Dance Technique 

=Performing Creative Group=

Seminar in Choreography

Advanced Dance Choreography

Advanced Dance Technique


Psychophysiology of Performance

Dance and Technology

=Humanities and Arts=

Cultural Study on Everyday Life

Dance Criticism

Contemporary Dance Studies

Analysis of Trend in Dance

Studies on Literature and History

Seminar in Special Topics

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