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賴姿伊 Lai, Tzu-Yi / Assistant Professor


Office address: 6th Floor,Hong-Tan Building

Zhungcheng Rd, Section 2,

Shilin District, Taipei, Taiwan 111

Phone +886-2-28718288 ext 6605

Fax +886-2- 28751811

E-mail: vannesa0707@yahoo.com.tw


Assistant Professor, Department of Dance, School of Humanities and Arts, University of Taipei


Chinese Dance, Taiwanese Folk Dance, Pilates


MEd, Department of Dance, Taipei Physical Education College
Bachelor, Department of Dance, Taipei Physical Education College

Professional Experience

Dance instructor of the Composed Artistes in Taiwan Aborigines, 2011; rehearsal assistant for Taipei Physical Education College annual performance, Aboriginal Dance and Jumping Drums, 2011; dancer in Chicken Soup for the Soul II, Juedai Contemporary Jazz Dance Theater, 2011; teaching assistant at the Department of Dance, Taipei Physical Education College, 2009 – 2011; dancer in Taipei Physical Education College’s annual performances, including Romantic Dance, Misplaced Beats, the Dance of Lily, White Rhythm, Dance.com, and the Re-emergence of Essence, 2004 – 2009; performed in the Taiwanese American Cultural Festival in Northern California, CAAM Fest in San Francisco, the 2005 National Day Touring Performance in South America, Celebrating New Year by the River in Singapore, the Cultural Festival in Sapporo, Japan, and college athletic games, 2005 - 2000.

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