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廖抱一 Liao, Pao-Yi / Associate Professor


Office address: 6th Floor,Hong-Tan Building

Zhungcheng Rd, Section 2,

Shilin District, Taipei, Taiwan 111

Phone +886-2-28718288 ext 6608

Fax +886-2- 28751811

E-mail: paoyiliao@gmail.com


Pao-Yi Liao, PhD. Graduated from Laban Centre London, City University, 2006. Currently serving in the Dance Department of  the University of Taipei. Area of concern of academic research includes Chinese dance philosophy, Chinese dance history, and historical methodology.


Professional Occupation


·Associate Professor, Dance Department, University of Taipei, since 2014.

·Assistant Professor, Dance Department, University of Taipei, 2013-2014.

·Assistant Professor, Dance Department, Taipei Physical Education College, 2006-2013.

·Lecturer, Dance Department, Taipei Physical Education College, 2004-2006

·Tutor, Westminster Kingsway College, teaching Tai-Chi at four community centres, 2000-2004.

·Lecturer of Acting I, World College of Journalism and Communication, 1996.

·Tutor of Butoh and acting technique, Upper Underground Theatre Workshop, 1995-96.

·Artistic Director, Upper Underground Theatre Workshop, 1995-96.

·Project Manager, Paper Windmill Theatre Group, 1994-95.

·Critic/Reporter on Theatre, Ming-Sheng Daily News, 1994.

·Stage Manager, New Paradise Theatre, 1991-94.

·The Latest engagement was an European tour with Taipei Crossover Dance Company on tour to The Place, London, and German cities, 1996.





·PhD in Dance, Laban Centre for Movement and Dance, City University, 1997-2006.

·MA in History, Graduated from School of History, Fu-Jen Catholic University, Taipei, 1988-1992.

·BA in History, Graduated from Department of History, Fu-Jen Catholic University, Taipei, 1984-1988.





·The History of Traditional Chinese Dance Philosophy—The Textual Criticism and Elaboration of the Ancient Document—Yue Ji, Wu-Nan Publishing House, Oct. 2013.

·“The Investigation of Dance of the Six Dynasties”, in Arts Review, No.24, pp.111-125. Jan. 2013.

·“The Significances of Dance—Taking the Rutual Dance of Amis-Tribe as an Example”, in  2012 Collected Papers, pp.55-64. Chinese Culture University, 2012.

·“An Analysis of the Choreographic Skills and Dance Structure of The-blossoming-Purple-and-Red”, in Journal of Sports Research, Vol.21, No.1, pp.59-76. Dec. 2012.

·“An Analysis of the Cultural Heritage Embodied in the Traditional Chinese Drama—Mu Dan Ting”, in Journal of Sports Research, Vol.20, No.2, pp.40-56. Dec. 2011.

·“On the Shareability, Commonness, and Publicity of Knowledge from the Perspective of Initial Confucianism”, in 2010 Collected Papers, pp.12-19. Chinese Culture University, 2010.

·“Inscriptions in the Body”, in Re/Configurations: The Body/Movement/Space Matrix in Contemporary Performance, Conference Document, Laban Centre London, Research Conference, 2001.

·“Dance: The Medium for the Interaction between the Macrocosmic and Microcosmic Perspectives of History”, in Performing Arts Review, Vol. 97. pp.20-29. Jan. 2001.

·“Exploring the Notion of Motive”, in  Dance, Culture & Politics, Conference Document, Laban Centre London, Research Conference, pp. 33-40. 2000.

·“Homologous System of the Body Image”, in Dance Studies and Taiwan, Chiao-Tung University Taiwan, Research Conference, 2000.

·“The Phenomenal Body—The Body as Motive”, in Dance Studies and Taiwan, Chiao-Tung University Taiwan, Research Conference, 2000.

·Transforming of Life—The Practice and Concept of Butoh Dance . Taiwan Dance Magazine, 1996 Jan.



Movement and Theatre Training


·Butoh Workshop conducted by Toru Iwashita, principle dancer of Sankai Juku, 1995.

·Butoh Workshop conducted by Akeno Ashikawa, principle dancer of Tomoe Shizune & Hakutobo Butoh Company, 1995.

·Butoh Workshop conducted by Joan Laage, disciple of Kazuo Ohno, 1989.

·Poor Theatre Workshop conducted by Jairo Cuesta GonZalez, disciple/actor of Jerzy Grotowski, 1987.

·One year training programme of acting with Lan-Lin Theatre, 1986-1987.

·Dance Summer Camp conducted by Cloud Gate Dance Theatre, 1984.





·Performed in more than 30 productions of drama and dance at different cities of Taiwan, 1987-1996.



Directing and Theatre Management


·For more than 20 productions of dance and drama, served as director, associated director, stage manager, producer, and executive producer, 1987-1996.

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