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蕭君玲 Hsiao, Chun-Ling / Chair


Office address: 6th Floor,Hong-Tan Building

Zhungcheng Rd, Section 2,

Shilin District, Taipei, Taiwan 111

Phone +886-2-28718288 ext 6601

Fax +886-2- 28751811

E-mail: chiin4188@gmail.com




2014, the Choreographic workThe Divine Chantperformed in the World Dance Alliance held in France.

2004, First-Prise winner of Fay-Fong Choreography Competition conferred by the National Dance Association of R.O.C.

2003, First-Prise winner of Wu-Yao-Da-Di Choreography Competition conferred by the Minister of Culture.

1989, Rehearsal manager of the Chinese Youth Goodwill Mission touring to the Middle East.

1991, First-Prise winner of International Dance Competition held in Roodepoort, South Africa.


Choreographic Works


2014-1993, Shadows of Blossoming and Withering,Buddhist Pu-ti II,Trace of Falling,Groaning by the Side of Curtain,Withering Moon I,DaydreamThe Blossoming Smile of EnlightenmentFlying Time I,Flying Time II,Withering Moon II,Meditation through the Flower,The Blossoming Purple and Red,Fallen Cherry Flower,The Divine Chant,Purity,Song of Joy,Cloud,Ji-Yue-Tian,The Qi of Sword,Returning,Flower, Rain, Words,Sleeve Dance,Circumfluence,The Obsession of Mandala,The Pure Land,Observe the world with thousand arms and thousand eyes,Song of CandleFinding Buddha through the Blossoming of Flowers,Cigarette Box,Take Control by the Martial Art,Transformation,Tacit Understanding.


Academic Writings


2013, Succession to Tradition in transformation

2013, Transformation and Application of the Bodily Technique

2007, The Aesthetic Appreciation of Traditional Chinese Dance



2012, The Transformation between the Presence and the Absence in the Choreography of Taiwanese Folk Dance

2012, The Tacit Understanding of Bodily Performing Arts

2011, The Phenomenological Field of the Choreography of Taiwanese Folk Dance

2008, Exploring into the Tacit Understanding of the Art of Kun-Qu

2007, The Signified and Signifier of the Body in Traditional Chinese Dance

2006, The Aesthetics of Lee, Yu and Its Application in Dance Choreography

2006, The Images in Traditional Chinese Dance

2005, Exploring into Dance in Terms of the Bodily Perception Suggested by Merleau-Ponty

2005, The Phenomenological Viewpoint of Dance Choreography

2004, The Aesthetics of the Art of Kun-Qu and Its Stage Design

2004, An Example of the Teaching of Dun-Huang Dance

2003, The Natural Law and Traditional Chinese Dance

2003, The Significance of Buddhist Jin-Gang Dance

2003, A Study of the Teaching Strategy in Senior High Schools

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