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蕭君玲 Hsiao, Chun-Ling / Chair


Office address: 6th Floor,Hong-Tan Building

Zhungcheng Rd, Section 2,

Shilin District, Taipei, Taiwan 111

Phone +886-2-28718288 ext 6601

Fax +886-2- 28751811

E-mail: chiin4188@gmail.com


Professor, Department of Dance, School of Humanities and Arts, University of Taipei


Folk Dance, Dance Composition, Performance Internship, Thesis Production


PhD in Aesthetics 

and Arts, School of Chinese Language and Literature, Soochow University

Graduate Institute of Dance, Chinese Culture University

Dance Concentration, College of Arts, Tainan University of Technology

Professional Experience

Hsiao received her dance training from Professor Li-Hua Tsai, Yong-Yih Tseng, and Chin Zhou.

Principal dancer and associate artistic director at Taipei Folk Dance Troupe. National Dance Academy’s Dance Creation Award, 2022; artistic director of Dimension annual performance by the Dance Department at the University of Taipei, 2021; artistic director of sport performance at University of Taipei, 2020 and 2022. Choreographer of Timely Clearing After Snowfall and A Tale of Royal Redemption for GuoGuang Opera Company, 2017 and 2022; performance at Festimaiorca in Portugal, 2018; artistic director of Youth Ambassadors Taiwan ROC 

program by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2016 and 2017; Groaning by the Side of Curtain, selected by WDA for the Seoul International Dance Festival, 2016; artistic director of Taipei Folk Dance Troupe at the Kyparissia Sunshine International Folklore Festival in Greece, 2015; The Divine Chant selected by the WDA to perform in Angers, France, 2014; The Divine Chant selected by the WDA for the Taiwan International Dance Festival, 2012; recipient of the Fay-Fong Choreography Competition Award from the National Dance Academy, 2004; The Divine Chant received the highest award, Formosa Prize, at the Creative Dance competition by the Council for Cultural Affair, 2003; Duo dance first prize at the International Dance Competition in Roodepoort, South Africa, 1991.

Choreographic Work

1993 - 2022: Butterfly Dream, Solely Tipsy, Carefree, Flooded in Smoke, Shadows of Blossoming and Withering, Buddhist Pu-ti II, Trace of Falling, Daydream, Picking Flower - Fallen Flower, Circumfluence, Withering Moon I, Withering Moon II, The Summon of Heaven, Picking Flower I - Illusion, Groaning by the Side of Curtain, The Blossoming Purple and Red, Fallen Cherry Flower, The Divine Chant, Purity, Song of Joy, Cloud, Ji-Yue-Tian, The Qi of Sword, Returning, Flower, Rain, Words, Sleeve Dance, Reflow, Observe the world with thousand arms and thousand eyes, Cigarette Box, Take Control by the Martial Art, Transformation, Tacit Understanding.

Research Publication


2020 Distilling Culture and Superimposing Contemporary Times – A Dialogue on Folk Dance Creation.

2013 Succession to Tradition in Transformation – The Cultural and Contemporary Elements in Folk Dance.

2013 Transformation and Application of the Bodily Technique (co-author).

2008 The Aesthetic Appreciation of Traditional Chinese Dance.

Research Projects:

2009 NSTC Research Project Director: Merleau-Ponty’s Body Perception and Folk Dance.

2018 Ministry of Education Teaching Practice Project, Folk Dance Body Training – Visualization Breathing.

2020 Ministry of Education Teaching Practice Project, Folk Dance Body Training – Perceptive Touching.


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