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Full-Time Faculty Members

MFA, Sarah Lawrence College, New York

Former Director-General of the Bureau of Cultural Affairs, Kaohsiung County Government

Former CEO of Kaohsiung County Culture Foundation

Acclaimed choreographer in contemporary dance, dance with implication of social care

MFA, New York University, New York

Leading choreographer in contemporary dance, dance with unique style and significant forms

Examiner of national choreography competition

PhD, Soochow University, China

Leading choreographer in traditional Chinese dance, dance with heritage of Chinese aesthetics

Artistic Director of Taipei Folk Dance Company

PhD, Laban Centre London, City University, London

Leading researcher on traditional Chinese dance philosophy, aesthetics and history

Establishing the sole postgraduate taught courses of Chinese dance philosophy within China and Taiwan

PhD, Temple University, Philadelphia

Former Secretary-General of Taiwan Dance Research Society

Leading researcher on action research and dance education

MFA, Taipei National University of the Arts, Taipei

Principal dancer of Neo-Classic Dance Company

Prestigious choreographer in Ballet, dance with symbolic forms

MFA, University of Utah, Utah

Former member of the Jose Limon Dance Company, Martha Graham Dance Company, Metropolitan Opera Ballet, and Repertory Dance Theatre.

Established choreographer, educator, and researcher in the field of contemporary dance.

Coordinator and designated reconstructor of the Jose Limon Dance Company in Taiwan.


MEd, Taipei Physical Education College, Taipei

Prestigious choreographer in contemporary dance and Chinese Dance, dance in cross-platforms

Acclaimed manager in dance production and administration